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Building Use/Wedding Policy

  1. The pastor will meet with the couple to determine if s/he will perform the ceremony. Premarital Counseling is an available option.
  2. The session will determine if the building can be used (if it is requested) and if the date and time are acceptable and will provide for the church representatives (see 5).
  3. The Fee Schedule is as follows:
    The following fees are paid directly the pastor, musician, and sound system operator
    Pastor- determined by pastor, $100 is suggested
    Organist/Musician- determined by musician, $100 is suggested
    Sound System Person- $50
    The following fees are usually paid to the church
    Custodian- $55 (or their current rate of pay)
    Secretary- $ Hourly rate plus materials
    Fees should be paid one week prior to the wedding or as arranged in advance.
  4. If the church is to be used for the Reception, Shower, or other event arrangements must be made in advance for set-up and clean-up. Any dishes used must be washed. Any church property damaged or broken is the responsibility of the couple.
    Additional Fees to be paid one week in advance: $100 (to cover extra custodial work as a deposit against damage).
  5. Two church members (a male and a female) will serve as representatives/facilitators to assist people in finding their way to represent the interests of the church.
  6. Additional musicians may be included with permission of the organist and pastor
  7. A guest organist may be used with permission of the organist and pastor.
  8. Music selections for the wedding must be made in consultation with the organist who has the right to refuse to play any piece of music s/he feels is inappropriate.
  9. Another minister can be invited to participate in the service with the pastor's approval.
  10. A guest minister may be in charge of the service only with permission of the pastor and session.
  11. Smoking and/or alcoholic beverages are prohibited in the church or on church property.

    (This policy was approved and amended 11 November 2014)